A sign of good abstractions can be that they allow you to quickly breed useful new abstractions. This is accented by the feeling that your programming environment is working for you, and not against you. The situation where you are only limited by your thoughts and imagination, not what the computer is willing to allow you to do. It’s a feeling that I rarely capture outside of using Emacs. It’s a common joke that Emacs is a great operating system — it just lacks a decent text editor. Usually this is used in a backhanded way, but I’ve always viewed…

I’ve always been an emacs fanatic. I just love how much control I have over every aspect of the editor. However, a lot of aspects of emacs are showing their age. Writing and packaging a simple app as a beginner means learning elisp, learning the emacs API, learning about package repositories, ELPA vs MELPA… Just writing all that out is draining my motivation. Let’s see if we can make all that simpler using emacs-ng, a new fork that will allow us to write emacs applications in JavaScript, by integrating the Deno Runtime fully into the editor.

I remember after graduating…

David DeSimone

Rust/C/C++ Systems Engineer, Game Engine Developer

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